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Speroni Optical Tool Measurement

Product Details

The MAGIS is a new line of tool presetting and measuring system & controls which revolutionizes the way one uses software in tool measuring. In today’s world, software companies add screens, windows and menus in order to give the user more features. Speroni’s MAGIS control for tool presetting and measuring combines all of the needed features and functions in a user friendly, clean and trouble free single screen user interface.

Available with optional touch screen technology, the new Speroni MAGIS will allow you to start measuring your tools accurately in less than 5 minutes of training.

True for all Speroni products, the structure is made completely of aged pearlitic cast iron in order to guarantee the best thermal stability. Contrasting most presetter designs, the homogeneous tructure resolves all of the issues encountered on systems which use light alloys and/or granite, which have different and unstable reactions to changes in temperature & the environment.

Homogeneity is a key design element which has been proven on Speroni systems for over 40 years and in the metalworking field for even longer. The choice of materials for the basic structure of our systems is made in order to guarantee this fundamental design criterion.

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Speroni Magis Fine Adjustment Speroni Fine Adjusment 2
Ergonomically designed X axis (diameter) fine adjustment hand wheel allows for micron precise smooth adjustments throughout the system’s 400mm range of travel.

A second fine adjustment hand wheel allows for micron precise smooth adjustments throughout the systems 400/500/600mm Z axis (height) range.

Speroni Magis Controls Speroni Magis Spindle

Industrial grade controls are conveniently positioned to maximize ergonomics and ease of use. The spindle disk brake system, the 4-position index and the tool clamping system are pneumatically activated.
An ergonomic knob easily allows for the adjustment of the Episcopy front light system.

The MAGIS offers a precision ground integrated spindle calibration edge for the fast and easy recalibration of the system. Due to this tough gage, the system does not require the use of any external caliper or master.

Speroni Magis Open Spindle Speroni Magis Camera System

The “open spindle” design - a feature of Speroni tool presetters since 1969 - provides for the optimum loading and presetting of tools. The new MAGIS cast iron sensor carrier provides for over 170mm of access in the tool adjustment phase.

A center height camera system, complete with LED based front light technology, includes swiveling and adjustable cross-hairs and S.E.F. - Speroni Edge Finder technology - which allows for the adjustment of tool cutting edges center height.


Speroni Magis Software 1 Speroni Magis Software 2

Over 130 specifically designed measuring icons allow for the precise and automatic measurement of all tool forms.

Adapter management and control includes an automatic zero point monitoring feature which helps avoid crashes, rejects and machine downtime.

Speroni Magis Software 3 Speroni Magis Software 4

Integrated adapter database management for 150 zero points.

Integrated tool management for the storage of 1,000 tool assemblies and their specific tolerances.

Speroni Magis Setup Speroni Magis Setup 2

Chamfer and step tool measurements are easily and automatically performed via the MAGIS control.

Speroni Magis Setup 3 Speroni Magis Setup 3

The powerful MaxP function provides an easy and user friendly method to accurately measure features such as a helicoidal ball nose radius. MaxP is designed to accurately measure a tool in its complete rotation automatically and without any programming.

Speroni Magis 400 Speroni Magis 500 Speroni Magis 600

STP Magis 400

Z Axis: 400mm/15.75"
X Axis: 400mm/15.75"
Max Dia.: 350mm/13.78"

STP Magis 500

Z Axis: 500mm/19.69"
X Axis: 400mm/15.75"
Max Dia.: 350mm/13.78"

STP Magis 600

Z Axis: 600mm/26.32"
X Axis: 400mm/15.75"
Max Dia.: 350mm/13.78"

The technological and geometrical quality of tools is an element which greatly influences both the
sheer quality on a single part produced and most importantly the quality applied to the quantity of parts manufactured. The tool has a primary importance in the management and achievement of an economic production process.

The structure of a quality presetter is sometimes overlooked. Speroni is a company that greatly emphasizes the importance of the structure of its systems: any great product is built from the “ground up” and the foundation is the key element.

Speroni STP MAGIS is the new generation of tool presetting and measuring systems - the sound continuation of Speroni’s unmatched technology resulting from over 40 years of research and development.

The STP MAGIS line of tool presetting and measuring systems are the most rugged, dependable machines in their class. Designed for shop floor use, these machines provide tool presetting, tool inspection, and tool management along with unmatched repeatability and precision.

STP MAGIS provides a complete measuring and inspection solution at an affordable price.


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