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Iepco Peenmatic 1000 SDK

Product Details


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Standard equipment:

  • Construction with tilting hood, automatically opened pneumatically up to an aperture
    angle of 90°, operation via two press buttons (two-hand control) on the control box,
    for an easy crane or stacker truck feeding. With integrated sight window, provided with a safety glass and an attrition-proof glass, in a quick-change frame
  • Magnetic door interruption switch
  • Impurity collecting drawer in the funnel, fitted with a sieve, in order to collect coarse
    particles removed by microblasting
  • Working grate made of perforated plate, two-piece, detachable, diameter of holes 5 mm
  • Padded sleeves and gloves, exchangeable
  • Microblasting pistol unit, type EF 4, with hard metal blasting nozzle HSD 8/15,
    adjustable via pressure reducing valve, 0 - 8,5 bar, microblasting pressure reading
    on the manometer
  • Holding device for microblasting pistol and blow-out pistol, firmly mounted on the tilting
    hood between the two handholes
  • Microblasting agent pre-accelerating system with moving injector, adjustable via pressure
    reducing valve, 0 - 4 bar, pressure reading on the manometer
  • Automatic, selective microblasting agent recycling system, type SHOT SEPARATOR
  • Separately installed high surface microfilter unit, type IMF-2, ventilator electronically
    continuously adjustable, with automatic, electro-pneumatic filter cleaning, including integrated dust collector, moveable
  • Blow-out pistol (air-blasting pistol)
  • Foot actuated switch with impulse contact
  • Compressed-air connection, 1/2" G, at equipment, including oil and water separator
  • Separately placed control box, slewable, with separate arranged electric, electronic and
    pneumatic control systems as well as all the necessary operating and control elements
  • Main switch, on / off
  • Key-operated switch, on / off, with 2 keys
  • Hour counter of microblasting time
  • llumination, 3 x 18 W

Accessories(on request):

  • Rotary table unit, made of aluminium or steel, Ø 600 mm,
    manually rotatable or electronically continuously variable
  • Enlargement of the handholes up to Ø 300 mm, for more freedom of motion
  • Continuous drying system for microblasting agents, electronically continuously variable
  • Second microblasting pistol unit

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