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Diatest Plug Gauges

Product Details

Plug Gauges are essentially used in the manner their name describes; a plug that is used to gauge the size of a hole. Typically plug gauges are built to have interchangeable ends with other gauge pieces (referred to as gauge blocks). Essentially the idea is to test the “GO” end (see if it fits) and then the “NO GO” end, which shouldn’t fit. The difference in the size of each end is usually very small and varies depending on the gauge.

Diatest Plug gauges (BMD) are selfindicating, self-centering, highprecision measurement instruments. These easy-to-use gauges are suitable for both static and dynamic measurements. They can be used for manual detection of dimensional deviations and shape defects errors in bores in serial measurement at the machine but may also be installed in measuring equipment and automated systems.

Diatest Plug Gauge Features

  • Self-centring high-precision indicating plug gauge allowing static and dynamic measuring
  • Application in manufacturing of high-precision bores from Ø 2.98 mm to 270 mm/0.117" to 10.62"
  • Measuring range: 0.1 mm to 0.8 mm depending on diameter and type
  • Calibration in setting ring
  • Various contact points (material and design) depending on work-piece type
  • Many designs in standard programme
  • Special design on request
  • Extensive range of accessories
  • Setting rings according to DIN2250-C in standard programme (range Ø 1 mm to 300 mm/0.04" to 11.8")
  • Holders and depth extensions are manufactured from temperature stabilised material, ensuring minimal gauging errors.

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