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Diatest Plunger Probe

Product Details

Features of the indicating 2-point gauges are easy handling, adaptability to most bore gauging applications and large measuring ranges. Calibration (zero setting) can be easily made in a micrometer by using the DIATEST setting guide or in a setting ring. Gauge automatically self-centers via a centering bridge. Apart from checking the diameter large bore gauges can detect shape deviations of the bore such as conical form, barrel shape, outof-roundness etc. Also, plunger probes can be used for gauging.

Diatest Plunger Probe Features

  • Modular design, universal bore gauge system for larger bores (M5678 and M68-FB)
  • Large measuring range (± 1.5 mm)
  • Application range: Ø 19.5 mm to 325 mm (Ø 38.5 mm to 342 mm for blind bore FB)
  • Calibration in setting master or micrometer
  • Adaptability to most bore gauging applications
  • Blind bore type (FB) in standard programme
  • Tungsten carbide contact points
  • Holders and depth extensions are manufactured from temperature stabilised material, ensuring minimal gauging errors.

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