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Lista Storage Cabinets

Product Details

Lista has modular drawer storage cabinets that perfectly suit the widest range of applications. Our cabinets:

  • Feature unmatched versatility to meet all your current needs ó cabinet housings allow an almost infinite variety of different drawer height configurations
  • Are ideal for parts storage, tool storage, and storage of almost any sized items
  • Offer the flexibility to adapt to your future requirements
  • Provide the highest density storage
  • Provide maximum weight-bearing capacity, organization, ergonomics and access
  • Feature all the benefits of our unique, infinitely customizable drawer
  • Are durable, secure solutions constructed to provide years of safe, convenient storage


Cabinet Options:
All cabinets permit installation of drawers, shelves and roll-out trays. They can be placed in the housing in any combination or sequence and rearranged at any time. Other cabinet options include:

  • Doors (hinged, sliding and retractable)
  • Various bases
  • Safety options
  • Variety of locking options
  • Mobile options


  • NW (Narrow) Width (click for details) - 16-7/8" wide x 28-1/2" deep
  • MP Width - 22-3/16" wide x 28-1/2" deep
  • Standard Width - 28-1/4" wide x 28-1/2" deep
  • Mid-Width - 47" wide x 28-1/2" deep
  • Double Width - 56-1/2" wide x 28-1/2" deep
  • ST Width (shallow depth) - 28-1/4" wide x 22-1/2" deep
  • HS Width (shallow depth) Overhead Storage Cabinets - 40-1/4" wide x 22-1/2" deep


Cabinet tops and counter tops: standard features and options
Lista offers a variety of work surfaces that turn the tops of cabinets into practical work areas. Lista counter tops provide a durable and attractive work surface for rows of cabinets. Tops are supplied with lag bolts and can be ordered for individual cabinets, or as a continuous top for cabinet rows.

Lista Cabinet Topoptions

  • (1) Retainer tops with mat: painted to match housing, tops have raised edges on back and sides, and ribbed mats provide a non-skid surface
  • (2) Butcher block cabinet tops: 1-3/4" thick hardwood, flush to the cabinet side-to-side and front-to-back
  • (3) Plastic laminate tops: 1-9/16" thick plastic laminate over particle board core, tops are flush to the cabinet side-to-side and front-to-back
  • (4) Phenolic resin tops: designed for laboratory use, the high-pressure 1" thick laminate work surface is resistant to chemicals, stains, or discoloration
  • (5) Stainless steel cabinet covers: constructed of heavy gauge stainless steel, covers fit over top and sides of cabinet and provide easy access to locking system


Lista Modular Cabinet Color Options

Overhead Storage Cabinet

1) Ideal companions to Lista's modular workbenches and drawer storage cabinets
2) Bring organization to the storage of books, binders or any bulky items that require easy access
3) Are 15" deep and are available in two heights (16" and 29") and a variety of widths to suit individual needs
4) Can be wall-mounted or attached to a stationary riser shelf above two or more cabinets
5) Feature shelves adjustable at 1" increments, as well as on optional canopy top for a clean, finished appearance
6) Available with sliding or hinged metal doors (both with and without a Plexiglas window) or a retractable door
7) Also available for use with Nexus Accessory System

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