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Tesa Test Dial Test Indicators

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BESTEST / TESATAST Dial Test Indicators

All BESTEST and TESATAST indicators meet or exceed federal or DIN specifications. All BESTEST and TESATAST indicators are furnished with a certificate of accuracy and traceability. BESTEST and TESATAST indicators provide all of the following features:

• Constant Clockwise Rotation ñ Indicator pointer always rotates clockwise (whether measuring over or under) to eliminate plus or minus confusion.
• Automatic Reversal ñ Measuring is bi-directional with double lever system. No switch to interfere with movement. Measures inside, outside, over and under.
• Swiveling Point ñ Contact point can be set over 210° arc to measure hard-to-reach areas.
• Universal Mounting ñ Dovetails top, front and back for required mounting orientation and rigid set up.
• Carbide Tip ñ Furnished as standard on all BESTEST/TESATAST indicators.
• Monobloc (precision watch) Body Design ñ All pinions are mounted in jeweled bearings in an isolated assembly completely separate from outer body to maintain highest accuracies.
• Anti-Magnetic and Corrosion Resistant ñ Safe for use around magnetic chucks. Chrome plated to resist corrosion.

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