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Mahr UD 120/LD 120 MarWin

Product Details

Two in One

The new 2D measuring unit UD 120 / LD 120 closes the gap between the roughness and contour measuring units in the spectrum of Mahr surface products.
The probe system (z-axis) offers a measuring range of 10 mm with a resolution of 2 nm.

With MarSurf UD 120 / LD 120 you are on the top with a top equipment of the MarSurf program.

Two in one

  • Roughness and contour in a single stroke You need only half the time and your work is faster, more reliable and more efficient.With just one measurement, you have all the results for roughness and contour characteristics at a glance. So you have more time for other things!
  • State-of-the-art measuring technology for small tolerances. The integrated special optical measuring system provides pinpoint accuracy over a broad measuring range and at maximum resolution. You can process jobs with low tolerances and thus tackle new challenges head-on.
  • Innovative tracing arm concept for maximum stability The tracing arms, which have been designed using bridge-building techniques, ensure maximum rigidity, low-oscillation measurements and unwavering precision. So you can build your own bridges - to new dimensions of flexibility!
  • Tracing arms with magnetic connection The magnetic mount ensures excellent system protection and a long service life.
  • Selectable measuring forces from 0,5 mN to 50 mN (MarSurf UD 120 1,0-30mN) ( software choosen electrical controlled ) provide optimum conditions, depending on probe arms.

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