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Modula Vertical Carousel (Lift)

Product Details

154,500 lbs of gross unit load capacity 9,050 sq.ft of traditional storage in only 150 sq.ft

Modula manufactures automated picking and storage solutions featuring the most advanced Vertical Lift Modules in the market. Our innovative automated storage and retrieval solutions are designed to optimize space and improve your picking and storage operations. The Vertical Lift Module (VLM) utilizes the full ceiling height of your facility thus maximizing the storage potential. Items are stored in units up to 46' high, in a safe, secure environment and automatically delivered to the operator, avoiding unnecessary bending, walking and reaching for parts.

Modula’s products can help your company to:

  • recover up to 90% of valuable floor space
  • improve picking accuracy
  • increase productivity
  • reduce the risk of injuries
  • protect your products
  • manage your inventory in real time

Modula produces the highest quality automated storage and retrieval solutions designed to optimize space and improve warehouse management. Not only can Modula’s product line help your company recover up to 90% of available floor space but it also can increase picking accuracy and throughput, add product security, as well as improve your workforce’s ergonomic functions. Modula’s automated storage technologies and vertical carousels save you time and resources in your picking operations as the material is stored inside carriers or trays of the storage system and delivered automatically, eliminating unnecessary bending, reaching, or walking. Through the part-to-person concept, the material is retrieved and brought to the operator automatically. The picking bays can be customized in different configurations depending on the needs of each individual automated storage technology: according to the available floor space.

With Modula automatic storage systems, goods are secure from theft and damage. The goods are stocked inside the storage systems and can only be picked up through automatic operations, specifically through operator authentication using traced passwords both to access and to handle material. Modula uses software that integrates with your company's computer systems, which then allows you to easily manage the automatic vertical warehouse and all the information systems in one simple, convenient location. Once you have contacted us, we will conduct a careful logistical analysis of your warehouse and advise you concerning the most suitable automatic storage for your needs. Modula systems are available in various models depending on warehouse space available and load capacity. Once the system has been purchased and installed, the benefits don’t end there. We offer an excellent before and after sales service guarantee and take pride in our product’s constant efficiency and continued productivity.

Modula Vertical Lift Carousel Warehouse

See a live demonstrations of a Modula Lift being built from the groun up below.

The Modula Vertical Carousel is the next generation vertical storage system from System Logistics, the ideal solution for any warehouse’s storage needs. The vertical carousel is a fully automatic vertical storage system providing increased storage capacity, improved picking accuracy and more ergonomic product handling for every product type in many different work environments. The carousel optimizes the available floor space within a facility, by utilizing the ceiling height available.

It is able to densely pack all your parts, tools, materials and supplies in customizable drawers. All the drawers are easily accessible with customizable options such as internal or external picking bays and an amazingly powerful Windows based touch screen control panel running SYSTORE inventory and retrieval software.

The Modula Vertical Lift Carousel is a breakthrough of evolution from the previous model and is able to store and pick items, components, semi-finished and finished products of any type, thanks in part to the unit’s storage capacity (132,000 Lbs. net load capacity and the ability to consolidate over 9,000 Square Feet of static storage into a unit footprint of only 158 Square Feet).

The Modula vertical storage carousel is ideally suited for high-turnover production parts as well as indirect-cost items such as tools, raw materials, and supplies. Handling large quantities of low-cost materials generally involves high logistic costs. Especially here, considerable savings are possible through optimized storage and ordering procedures.

Modula Models

Modula Vertical Lift Module Models

Maximum unit load capacity: 154,000 Lbs. Maximum product height with single delivery configuration: 27.56”.
Maximum product height with dual-delivery configuration: 11.81”

Modula Vertical Storage Comparison Chart

Robotic Automation

Modula Robotic Automation

More performance as well as respect for the environment

Modula GreenThe ever increasing consideration to reduce energy consumption as well as for the environment has led to the new Modula Lift to be designed using highly efficient components along with innovative options and features to ensure a significant energy saving and guaranteeing a lower environmental impact at the same time.

Lower energy consumption is a result of using less powerful motors with higher efficiency ratings vs. previous Modula models. The unit’s 4.0 Hp vertical axis lifting motor, which is also used for 1,653 Lb. tray capacity models provides a significant energy savings.

The optional ModulaGreen® feature allows for further energy saving by recovering the energy produced as the trays are lowered to the picking bay, which would otherwise be dissipated as heat and wasted energy.

Thanks to this option, the return on investment can easily be realized in just a few months time.

Internal or external picking bays, with single or dual level delivery.

The external picking bay provides maximum performance thanks to the ergonomics of the working space and also increases the overall safety level to operators.

The external picking bay feature also provides the ability for overhead picking, allowing for the use of external picking aides, such as robotic manipulator arms, cranes, etc. to more ergonomically handle products.

The smaller unit footprint required for units with an internal picking bay can further recover valuable floors space if the available area is particularly narrow.

Internal or external picking bay units equipped with dual level tray delivery provide a very high picking speed, eliminating operator wait time between picks. While the operator is picking product from one tray, the unit automatically retrieves and stages the next requested tray and then delivers it to the second delivery location. Operators are then guided in picking and replenishment operations conveniently by the unit’s color touch screen console.

Modula Bay Options

Lift OS

Modula Lift units have a color graphical touch screen console designed specifically for industrial environments, enabling the operator to access all of the unit’s functions quickly and intuitively. The Modula Lift’s touch screen console has an entirely new graphical interface developed in a full color icon based environment with simple and user friendly icons, making it very intuitive for operators who do not require any special training for daily use.

To ensure the security of items stored within the unit, operators are assigned specific passwords authorizing various levels of access permission depending on their responsibilities.

An easy to use wizard feature enables the operator to solve every fault or issue, dramatically reducing inefficiency. The console also incorporates automatic functions for managing scheduled maintenance.

The system allows users to check quantities and products stored within the trays at any time, for perfect product traceability. All tray movements and picking operations are recorded in a log file and can be viewed at any time providing total control of the unit as well as the products handled.

Modula Vertical Lift Module Os

Modula WMS

For the integrated management and control of the Modula Lift System Logistics has developed MODULA WMS, an extremely advanced supervisory software package that can interact with any company’s IT systems.

Modula WMS allows for the management of up to two levels of reference sub codes, enabling operators to manage lots accurately with total traceability of all items store within the system through parameters such as production date, lot number, handling date, etc.

MODULA WMS can manage the following:

  • Product reception
  • Production lot management
  • Pinpointing the best handling strategies
  • Order preparation
  • Stock checks and statistical surveys
  • Integration with all management “host” systems
  • Packing lists
  • Radio-frequency areas
  • Management of other storage units, even manual areas
  • Management of the areas for reception, shipment, quality control, etc.
  • Goods flow management and control

Modula Vertical Lift Options

We offer a variety of add-on options to help our clients customize their automatic storage systems. Expedite the picking process and help technicians approve timing and accuracy with visual aids for picking operations. Improve security with a badge or EKS reader, helping to keep your facility safe and track workflow. Some of our options help to improve productivity, including piece counting scales, label printers, barcode readers, sliding consoles and more. We offer bay options to tailor your Modula product to your specific needs, including automatic doors, tray removal and transportation carts, telescopic internal bays and more.

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