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Modula Vertical Lift Control Software

Product Details

Modula vertical lift modules are controlled through an easy to use Windows based, touch screen control panel running SYSTORE software. The color touch screen makes it easy for an operator to perform tasks such as inventory management, stock location and order picking. Being Windows based, the touch screen system has been designed for industrial environments making it both rugged and easy to operate.

SYSTORE software has been designed to automate internal processes such as goods stocking, management of production lots, location handling strategies, order preparation and inventory checking and statistical analysis.

SYSTORE can be integrated that can be interfaced with other existing processing systems to provide seamless transitions between the warehouse and other aspects of your company. SYSTORE also reduced stocking and picking time by efficiently planning out the order picking process, as well as recommending optimized storage locations for both speed and storage density.


TheSYSTORE software and Windows based touch-screen console have been designed for exclusive use with the Modula Vertical storage system. It's a perfect combination for consolidating warehouse space, reducing stocking and order picking time, as well as making more efficient use of available staff and space. The Modula system is capable of managing components, semi-processed products, tools and finished products with fully customizable layouts, and detailed storage planning within the software.


ColorGraphic Touch ScreenConsole
Windows Based software
Fully customizable
Optional sliding console

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