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Modula Vertical Lift Modules (VLM)

Product Details

Reduce your storage footprint, picking time, and improve your inventory tracking with a Modula Vertical Lift Module (VLM). Optimize your available space by combining traditional storage racks into a fully computerized and automated vertical lift system. See video below for demostration!

A vertical lift module (VLM) is an enclosed system of vertically arranged trays, an extraction platform and a series of computerized controls that delivers goods to an ergonomically positioned workstationwhere an operator picks or replenishes the goods. The VLM automatically locates stored goods and retrieves trays from both the front and back of the unitwith a push of a button or a scan of a bar code.

The Modula vertical carousel is able to densely pack all your parts, tools, materials and supplies in customizable drawers. All the drawers are easily accessible with customizable options such as internal or external picking bays and an amazingly powerful Windows based touch screen control panel running SYSTORE inventory and retrieval software.

The Modula automated vertical lift system is fully modular and can be customized with different drawer widths, heights and capacities. The SYSTORE software will also help to optimize part placement within a tray, as well as recommend a drawer to use. The Modula VLM and SYSTORE software package combine to make it one of the fastest and most efficient Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems (ASRS)available. The Modula system makes picking parts, tools and supplies efficient and with minimal space required.


The Modula vertical storage carousel is ideally suited for high-turnover production parts as well as indirect-cost items such as tools, raw materials, and supplies. Handling large quantities of low-cost materials generally involves high logistic costs. Especially here, considerable savings are possible through optimized storage and ordering procedures.


Modula MA series drawer width: 1900mm
Modula MC series drawer width: 2500mm
Modula MX series drawer width: 3100mm
Modula MLseries drawer width: 4100mm

Drawer height options: 625mm / 815mm
Drawer load capacity: 250/500/750kg
Maximum total capacity: 60,000kg
Maximum carousel height: 25m
Maximum vertical speed: 2.2m/s

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