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Starrett Vision Galileo AV300

Product Details

Combines high-resolution images with the latest software and a precision mechanical platform to deliver 12" x 6" x 5.5" (300mm x 150mm x 140mm) of superb accuracy for a wide range of measuring applications. Galileo systems are easy to use, versatile, and accurate. With a variety of options, you can configure a Galileo system that’s just right for your application and budget.


System Type Bench-Top
X-Y-Z Measuring Range (inch) 12" x 6" x 5.5"*
X-Y-Z Measuring Range (mm) 300 x 150 x 140
X-Y Accuracy (in µm) E2=1.9+5L/1000
Z Accuracy (in µm) E1=2.5+5L/1000
System Software Quadra Chek QC300, QC5200
Zoom Optics 6.5:1
S-Video Color Camera Analog or Digital
Digital Video Color Camera with QC5000
Surface Ring Illumination LED or Fi-O
Transmitted Illumination LED or Fi-O
Coaxial Illumination Optional
Dark Field Quadrant Illumination (LED only) Optional
Auxiliary Lenses (Optional) .5X, 2.0X
Workstation Optional
Part Fixturing Optional
Video Pixel Calibration Standard Optional
Calibration Standards Optional

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