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Mahr XP 20 MarWin

Product Details

MarSurf XP 20 provides professional access to automated Surface Metrology.

  • Benefit from the MarSurf XP 20 advantages in your production line, as automated measuring amortizes quickly.
  • Eliminate sources of error and play safe with MarSurf XP 20
  • Thanks to MarSurf XP 20 you are number 1

Metrology becomes more and more an integrated part in the manufacturing line. Process supervision in or at least close to the production is very important to detect and correct soonest possible deviation trends or at the worst stop manufacturing.

The automated supervision of roughness and surface texture quality on function-relevant components steadily increases.

MarSurf XP 20 facilitates professional access to automated Surface Metrology. By means of the Mahr-specific “MarWin" software platform a modular system is applied which provides considerable advantages.

A professionally built software structure finally permits continuous safety, reproducibility and documentation (MarTalk for the interface the between software and machine, MarScript for the measuring language).


The MarSurf XP 20 modular software principle is strengthened by mechanical and electrical
measuring components that can be selected according to the measuring task.

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