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Mahr XR 20 MarWin

Product Details

PC system with windows operating system and MarSurf XR 20 software applications in German, English, French, Italian and Spanish language.

Parameters and Profiles:
More than 65 parameters for R, P and W profiles and MOTIF; including tolerance monitoring and statistics. - Parameter lists and characteristic diagrams

Profile Resolution:
Up to 76 nm at ± 25 µm, depending on type of applied probe

Measuring Range:
± 25 µm up to ± 250 µm, depending on type of applied probe

Sampling Lengths N:
1 up to 5 or 1 up to Nmax in N x Lc mode. Nmax = maximum tracing lengths of drive unit / selected Lc

Filter Types:
GS / 2RC / SF ISO 13565-1 / Profile Inversion NEG / ARC- (Elimination of Arc).- Further special filters as extra option

Cutoff Lc:
Free Lc selection possible, maximum 25 mm Lc = f(lt); 0,025 mm / 0,08 mm / 0,25 mm / 0,8 mm / 2,5 mm / 8 mm as well as Lc short and default value according to ISO 4288; limits depend on Lt and dx.
Ls filter free selection from 1,5 up to 100 µm or select from: 2,5 µm / 8 µm / 25 µm

Drive Units:
PZK, GD 25, PGK 20, PGK 120, PRK (via PAV 62)


  • Automotive industry and automotive suppliers,
    for example measuring of motors and housings
  • Plastics industry,
    for example measuring of flanks of plastic gears
  • Medical technology,
    for example measuring of implants

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