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Lista drawers, with their pioneering subdividing system, provide complete organization of drawer contents, right at the point of use. With our many drawer partitioning accessories, you can create custom compartments that provide complete protection and systematic organization for whatever you need to store ñ from tools to electronic components to small parts. No competitive system offers this range of solutions.

Lista drawers are subdivided using two basic accessories: partitions, which divide the drawer into rows, and dividers, which define compartments within the rows. Lista drawers feature full-height sidewalls, and with our full-height partitions and dividers, you can use the entire cubic capacity of your drawers for the highest density storage. With slots located at 21/32" intervals, you have the greatest drawer subdividing flexibility in the industry.

  • Aluminum drawer dividers: come in a variety of lengths and heights and slip into slots in drawer sidewalls and/or slotted drawer partitions; easily labeled with text and/or bar codes
  • Plastic boxes: ideal for storing small parts, these boxes are made of red high-impact polystyrene and slip in and out of drawers for easy loading and dispensing
  • Conductive plastic boxes: black high-impact polystyrene boxes store electronically sensitive components or devices
  • Slotted drawer partitions: divide drawers into narrow and/or wide rows by length or width.
  • Grooved trays: high-impact red ABS plastic trays have wedge-shaped grooves that prevent side-sensitive tools from moving
  • Slotted grooved trays: snap together to form a continuous tray that stores things like drills, gauges and mills, while conductive grooved trays store electronically-sensitive components.
  • Foamdrawer liners: shadowed 2-layer foam insertsprotect, identify and control valuable tools and inventory
  • Milling cutter holders: tools with center holes are put over these holders for non-slip stability in the drawer
  • Corrugated steel supports: hold items such as arbors, punches and drills
  • Holding pins: galvanized steel rods with threaded end attach to the drawer bottom for positioning irregularly shaped items
  • Slotted tool support: these 1/16" thick, 24" long aluminum slotted carriers are perfect for storing items such as wrenches
  • Arbor holders: horizontally hold tools larger than those that can be held using standard grooved trays
  • Allen key holders: red high-impact plastic trays are specifically designed to hold Allen wrenches from 1.5mm to 10mm sizes
  • Molded collet holders: allows stable and accessible storage of standard collets in the drawer


Lista Hsk Cnc Tool HolderLista International Corporation introduces an advanced modular CNC tool storage system designed to store and protect HSK tools. Ideal for the modern machining center, the new HSK tool storage system integrates with Lista's complete line of CNC tool storage cabinets and transporters.

Lista HSK Tool Holders, an excellent solution for vertical storage of pre-set tools, are the basic components of the Lista tool storage system. Each Lista Tool Holder is molded so it conforms to the shank of the tool and protects it from damage. Because the Lista Tool Holders prevent HSK tools from sliding, the tool storage system is ideal for mobile applications and all types of pre-set tool handling.

Lista tool storage cabinets, available in three different styles, are equipped with tool holder frames and Lista Tool Holders to accommodate HSK tools. The modular design of the cabinets allows the drawers and roll-out trays, which each have a 440 lb. load capacity, to be easily reconfigured for changing needs.