3805B Electronic Durometer

Product Details

Compact, Easy-to-Use & Accurate

The 3805B is designed to fit comfortably and firmly in your hand.
Its large LED display and simple three button control make the
3805B Durometer easy to use.

The 3805B measures Shore A values for a wide variety of soft
materials including: rubber: soft vulcanized (i.e. tire), natural
nitrile; elastomeretric materials (rubber and rubber-like): GR-S,
GR-1, neoprene, thiokol, flexible polyacrylic esters; other
softer materials including wax, felt, leather etc. (materials
that would normally yield under fingernail pressure).

Features and Specifications

  • Extra large LED display
  • Simple 3-button control
  • Auto Hold feature
  • Measuring range: 0-100 HSA
  • Deviation: <1% H
  • Resolution: 0.5 H
  • Accurate and repetitive deviation = 20~90HSA
  • HSA <+/-1 grade
  • Custom carrying case

Tags: durometer

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