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The Esperia line of tool presetters represents over 45 years of
experience in the manufacturing of high quality tool presetting
and measuring equipment. These presetters are the standard to
which all other presetters are measured.

As with all of Speroni’s tool presetters, the structure is
made completely of aged pearlitic cast iron in order to guarantee
the best thermal stability. Contrasting most presetter designs,
the homogeneous structure resolves all of the issues encountered
on systems which use light alloys and/or granite, which have
different and unstable reactions to changes in temperature &
the environment. This solid design, together with our excellence
in manufacturing, eliminates the need for frequent recalibrations
due to temperature changes during the work shift as well as
guaranteeing the precision and repeatability of your system year
after year.

Due to this fact, the software compensations offered by other
presetter manufacturer’s to compensate for misalignment is
not necessary with a Speroni. The precision comes from the
mechanical construction! These tool presetting and measuring
machines are the most rugged, dependable machines on the market.
Designed for shop floor use, these machines provide tool
presetting, tool inspection, and tool management along with
unmatched repeatability and precision.

The modular design of the Esperia line allows for you to
customize and specifically configure a presetter for your current
needs and allow for this machine to grow with your
company’s ever changing needs. This modular flexibility,
optimum ergonomic design and user friendliness have always been
key features of all Speroni tool presetters. All system options
are field retrofittable.

As with all Speroni tool presetters, the Esperia is designed and
fully manufactured – hardware and software – by Speroni. The
software interfaces as well as the measuring algorithms are
developed by Speroni software engineers in cooperation with
leading universities in this field. Our design, manufacturing and
development experience is coupled with some of the most
prestigious components on the world market in order to deliver
unmatched reliability.


Esperia Feature 1 Esperia Feature 2
Rapid axis movement has been designed to maximize the
ease of use of the system. The operator can move the axis
or independently. Pneumatically activated for ergonomic
comfort, this feature guarantees
smooth and precise movement.
Quick-change adapter system allows the changing of in
less then 8 seconds, guaranteeing unmatched precision and
Esperia Feature 3
The uniquely designed adapters “simultaneous
fit’ adapter clamping system allows for an adapter
mount repeatability of 0.000019’ (0.0005mm).


Speroni Esperia Software1 Speroni Esperia Software 2
Over 130 specifically designed measuring icons
allow for the precise and automatic measurement of
all tool forms.
Newly designed EDGE and EDGE+ controls are the
perfect systems for those companies approaching tool
management. A powerful
database allows for the perfect organization of tools
and kits in order to start optimizing your
tool resources.
Speroni Esperia Software 3
The powerful analysis and reporting feature
allows for a fast and easy interrogation of your tool
and kit database. Each tool and kit detail is clearly
displayed, thus enabling the EDGE tool management
feature to provide the right tool in the right place
at the right time.


Speroni Esperia Models And Specs

Speroni Esperia Base Specifications


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