Gage Master Profile Projector With Gxl Readout 53-900-800

The Fowler bench mount profile projector with its 340mm screen combines high accuracy non-contact measurement and inspection with a large 175mm x 100mm measuring range.

Choice of digital readouts and optional automatic profile edge detection. The horizontal light path configuration is ideally suited to machined parts that can be secured to the work stage using a range of optional accessories. The compact and robust lightweight chassis makes the profile projector ideal for workshop environments.

Measuring options 

GXL: Incorporates geometric functions for skew alignment, angle radii measurement, pitch circle diameter and construction of intersect points etc 

GXL-E: As GXL with screen mounted automatic profile edge sensor. As an option the sensor can be fitted internally.


• 340mm (14″) screen with 90°crosslines and chart clips

• Profile illumination with halogen lamp and green filter

• Lens magnification choice: x10, x20,x25, x50 and x100

• Surface illumination (fibre optic)

• Helix adjustment of light source ± 7° for accurate thread form projection

• Workstage with machined slot for holding accessories

• Workstage measuring range of 175mm (7″) x 100mm (4″)

• Digital angle measurement to 1 minute 

Optional features 

• Internally fitted automatic edge sensor (illustrated)

• Swing over lamphouse to allow clear access to the workstage

• Various electronic measuring systems to suit individual requirements

• Cabinet stand ensures a solid base and provides storage

• Other options include foot switch control and printer 

Basic Machine 

Type: Bench standing with horizontal light path 

Screen: Rotating 340mm diameter, inclined 75° to horizontal, with hood 

Image: Inverted and reversed 

Power supply: 220 / 240 volt 50Hz or 110 volt 60Hz 

Weight: 60kg (132lb) 

The basic model consists of: 

• 340mm diameter translucent screen with chart clips

• Digital angle measurement, with 1 minute of arc resolution

• Profile illumination with fan cooled lamphouse

• Surface illumination

• Focussing single lens mount

• x10 magnification lens

• Collimation lens

• Helix adjustment

• Machine slotted, chrome plated, cast iron workstage

• Green filter 


Measuring range: • Horizontal (X) axis travel 175mm (7″)

  • Vertical (Y) axis travel 100mm (4″)

Surface area: 325mm (12.8″) x 100 (4″) with slot for mounting accessories 

Scale resolution: 0.0005mm 

Movement: Manual with fine screw adjustment, quick release on X axis 

Optical System 

Lens mount: Single, screw clamping 

Lens magnification: x10, x20, x25, x50, x100, 

Focussing: By hand wheel 

Magnification accuracy: Profile 0.05%. Surface 0.1% 

Helix adjustment: ± 7° by light source alignment 

Light source: • Profile illumination 12v 100w lamp (tungsten halogen)

   • Surface illumination 12v 100w lamp (tungsten halogen)

Option: Internally mounted edge sensor

*Image shown for representational purposes only

R14 Lens Working Capacity in / (mm) 

Magnification     x10 x20         x25     x50             x100      

Field of view 1.4 (34) 0.7 (17) 0.53 (13.5) 0.27 (6.8) 0.13 (3.4)

Working Distance 3.2 (80.5) 1.5 (38.5) 1.1 (28) 0.64 (15.5) 1.2 (30)

Max Work Diameter (Full field) 4.7 (119) 4.3 (108) 2.2 (56) 1.2 (31) 3.0 (77)

Max Work Diameter(Half field) 3.9 (100) 3.9 (100) .1 (79) 1.7 (44) 3.7 (96)

Maximum work piece height 100mm

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