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Haefeli is a small swiss company specializing in bonded CBN
(cubic Boron Nitride) and Diamond Grinding tools. With Haefeli’s
experience and research into different bonding materials and
structures Haefeli grinding tools are the premiere tool to use
for difficult grinding projects including creep feet grinding and
grinding sharp line profiles.


With a range of grinding tools as small as 0.2mm and as large as
400mm Haefeli has a grinding tool to meet your needs. Let us know
what your application is and current grinding tool and we’ll be
able to find a grinding wheel that performs better and lasts

Haefeli research and development on their grinding wheels means
they are able to match different bonding formulations with
grinding materials to provide the correct roughness, density and
heat resistance for your wet or dry grinding needs. Haefeli
grinding tools are perfect to machine difficult or ultra-hard
materials such as carbides, HSSsteel, ceramics and sapphire.

If you have a project that is giving you problems, or have
special needs we can help you find a Haefeli internal, external
or profile grinding tool to make your project go smoothly.


Haefeli grinding tools are not only unique in the sizes and
profiles they offer. Haefeli’s special bonding process and
formulas are bonded to the tool shafts in a 25 step process.
Haefeli grinding tools are also hand made, hand checked, and
rounded by hand in their Swiss factory. All this ensures the
highest quality grinding tools are manufactured with tight

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