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Motorex produces some of the highest quality Swiss coolant and
oils for cutting, machining and grinding. Motorex industrial
products have a long history in Europe of being very high in
performance in regards to bacteria and fungus control, while not
being overly harsh with perfumes, fungicides and bactericides.

Motorex has a complete line of coolant and cutting oils for every
type of need and budget. Motorex coolants are produced in
Switzerland at their own facility and monitored by strict quality


Motorex coolants and oils are high performing solutions to your
machining and grinding needs. They are idea for high pressure and
high temperature situations due to their ability to resist
foaming and breaking apart. They are also designed to form a
stable emulsion and easily wash away from parts.


Motorex products such as their latest Tresor PMC and Magnum UX
200 are free of Borons and Bactericides making them much safer
for human contact and they also comply with the strictest
European standards for hazardous materials.

You’ll find that Motorex coolant drums last longer as the coolant
does not stick to your machinery or parts. The ability of the
Motorex coolant when dealing with bacteria and fungus and
providing a stable pH helps the coolant last longer as you won’t
have to dispose of it as often.

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