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Fraisa is a family owned Swiss company producing excellent
quality high performance cutting tools. They have a wide range of
tools to meet your application needs. Fraisa strives to meet a
high cost efficiency vs production target for all their tools,
meaning you get the most cutting performance per dollar out of
every tool they make.


Fraisa’s wide range of products range from all sizes and designs
of milling tools, drills, taps, gauges and indexable inserts.

Fraisa also has a special line of cutting tools for tool and mold
making featuring a new fine-grain carbide, new coatings and
special geometries specifically designed for mould and die
machining. With this added selection to their catalogue they are
able to offer specific tools with special geometries for tasks
like pre-finishing and super-finishing of mould and dies..


With a wide variety of CBN and Carbide cutting tools as various
cutting geometries and sizes as well as an assortment of
coatings, Fraisa is able to provide a tool specific to your
project needs. They have spent large amounts of resources testing
and developing their special cutting geometries and coatings to
match very specific applications.

Fraisa cutting tools will be able to reduce your overall costs by
extending tool life and reducing your cutting time. Please gather
details of your project and your current cutting tools and
contact us so that we can work withFraisa to select superior
tools for your application.

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