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Litz Company LogoThe Most Advanced 5 Axes
Machining Center

The Litz LU-800 gantry-type 5 axes machining center is built
& designed with high rigidity mechanism and high precision in
mind. To achieve high rigidity, the LU-800 employs the U-Shape
base, with dual sides A axis support and high quality rotary
table C axis. It is also equipped with 12000RPM direct drive
spindle, heavy duty roller-type linear guideway and 3 axes linear

The LU-800 is capable to perform high precision cutting, with X,
Y, Z, A, C axes moving simultaneously. Inclined surface
machining, irregular contour machining and other complex cutting
tasts can be made simple with the LU-800.

Litz Examples

A, C Axes

The Litz LU-800’s A, C rotary axes utilize the direct drive
motors, at the same time, the motors are complimented with rotary
encoders. This setup is superior to the conventional worm gear
setup in drive transmission & power efficiencies. The A
axes is also dual sides supported, each side is powered with a
powerful motor. Thus, rigidity and precision quality is top of
the class.


  • Maximum Work Area
  • High Worktable Load (1000Kg For Max. Precision)
  • C Axis 360 Degrees Rotational Angle
  • Minimal Table To Door Distance (For Easy Workpiece Loading)

Lu-800 Axis DisplayMachine Machanism

The Litz LU-800 is designed to be an ultra rigid 5 axes to handle
heavy workpieces. The mechanism itself is a state of art design.
To compliment the LU-800’s rigid structure, the A & Y
axes are each powered by a pair of high power. synchronous servo
motors, for maximum cutting performance.

However, Litz’s mission to build a world class LU-800 does
not stop there. Litz can never claim the machine complete without
achieving highest precision. With Litz’s industry
distinguished workmanship for building highest quality machines,
the LU-800 is also equipped with direct-coupled X, Y, Z axes to
ensure minimal driving backlashes. And to take the precision
standard to the next level, X, Y, Z axes linear scales and A, C
axes rotary encoders are also equipped to achieve highest
precision performance.

The Cutting-Edge Spindle

The Litz LU-800 is equipped with the most industry advanced
spindle technology: a direct coupled spindle. It ensures highest
torque at low rotation range. The compound ceramic spindle
bearing provides the spindle with highest rotational stability.
Meanwhile, the spindle housing is temperature controlled by a
cooling unit for ultimate precision stability.

Direct Coupled Spindle

  • High Performace & High Torque
  • Coolant-Through-Tools Can Be Used w/ The Spindle
  • Compressed Air Through Spindle For Spindle Cooling
  • The Spindle Is Water Cooled For Ultimate Temperature Control

Controller iTNC-530 &840DSL

The Litz LU-800 is available with Heidenhain iTNC530 and Siemen
840D SL controllers. Both controllers are the leaders in NC
controller market; they represent highest production efficiency,
maximum reliability in automated machines. Both iTNC530 and 840D
are unquestionably also the advanced controllers for 5 axes

Chip Removal Mechanism

The meticulously designed chip removal mechanism in the machining
area allows the chips to smoothly flow down. The slanted angle
can also avoid accumulation of these chips inside the working
area, and eliminate the machine down time. Additionally, the
optional washdown system and chip conveyor can be equipped for
maximum efficiency.

Technical Specs of the Litz LU-800 by clicking here.

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