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Hangsterfers produces extremely bio-stable cutting coolant
ranging from water soluble oils with high oil content to semi
synthetic with some oils, and full synthetics with no oil
content. Hangsterfers cutting oil coolant is made with only the
finest highly refined ultra pure ingredients. Swiss Instruments
has been working closely with Hangsterfers and our clients to
ensure high cuting performance and proper bacterial control.

Hangsterfers S-500
CF(Chlorine Free)

The S-500 CF is a water soluble oil with special anti-weld and
anti-wear compounds safe to use on ferrous and non-ferrous metals
like aluminum alloys.


The S-500 is a good choice for general machining of all metals
including nickel alloys, stainless steels and aluminum alloys.


An ideal multi-material semi-synthetic cutting coolant
concentrate. TheS-787 was designed for busy machine shops that
cut all types of materials.


The Crystal Cut 777 is Hangsterfers very latest in full synthetic
coolant concentrates. With special ingredients to achieve low
bacteria growth and outstanding cutting performance.


See PDFdownload above for technical information on each cutting

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