Optical Comparator VB400

Product Details

VB400 benchtop Vertical Optical system has a 16″ screen,
8″ X-axis and 4″ Y-Axis travel with fine adjustment, zero
backlash and fast traverse, 16″ x 9″ top plate and 22lb.
capacity. Also with digital protractor for accurate angle
measurements, 1′ resolution, fiber optic or dual lamp system
surface illumination and a choice of control systems.


  • Fully Usable 16″ (400mm) Screen Diameter
  • Exceptionally stable, all metal, design and construction for
    optimum performance and accuracy
  • Large measuring travel 8″ X-axis, 4″ Y-Axis (200mm x
  • High precision workstage with 16″ x 9″ top plate, with
    machine slot for easy fixturing
  • 22lb Stage weight capacity
  • Available with the full range of Quadra-Chek readout
  • Unique surface illumination, standard fiber optic or optional
    dual lamp system
  • Digital protractor for accurate angle measurements, 1′
  • Fine adjustment on all axes, plus zero backlash, fast
    traverse mechanism on the X and Y axis
  • Fully retractable fiber optic surface illumination with heavy
    duty shielding
  • Automatic edge detection option

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