Speckfinder HD

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speckFINDER HD® technology completely integrates the
technologies of high quality optics, digital cameras, LED
lighting, glass displays, personal computing electronics, and
mechanics, to produce a workstation- friendly computer video
microscope. Unlike conventional microscopes or stereoscopes with
which a user must conform their body to a machine, speckFINDER
HD® technology allows the user to obtain a comfortable
posture and then adjust the machine to their individual comfort
needs. Single or multiple workers can view magnified images
simultaneously and effortlessly. Because speckFINDER HD®
combines multiple optical and digital technologies, images can
also be stored in multiple digital formats, networked, and
software enhanced as needed. Measurement, drawing, call-outs, and
overlays are all conveniently available within speckFINDER
HD”™s standard technology package.


Articulating Arm
Available in 18` or 27’ lengths
360° range of motion
Multi-angle head adjustment
200° of tilt

High-Definition CMOS Camera
1280 x 1024 resolution
Multiple lens options
Optional manual focus
Optional manual iris control

Working Distance
Generous working distance across the
entire 1x to 90x magnification range

Smart LED Ring Light
The Smart LED Ring Light can be integrated into the
speckFINDER system giving the user control over 80 high
brightness or UV LEDs by using a wireless mouse. It can also
used with standard microscopes and cameras.

USB Connectivity
Three USB 2,0 ports are available
front and back for connecting USB
flash drives, Keyboard and mouse.

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