Vision KineMic

Product Details

A modular video-based inspection system that is ideal for
quality assurance, receiving inspection, training, manufacturing,
assembly, research and documentation. The base system includes a
microscope stand with coarse-fine focus control and a zoom lens
with 6.5:1 magnification range, LED surface illumination,
hi-resolution color video camera and 19″ LCD monitor. Options
include a choice of X-Y measuring stage with digital LCD display
micrometers, imaging capability, boom stand and area of interest
(AOI) laser pointer.



Lighting LED ring light
Video magnification range 34X to 215X
Field of View .360″ to .056″ (9mm to 1.42mm)*
Monitor Resolution 1280 x 1024
Monitor 19″ High Resolution
Color Camera XGA or Digital Color camera depending on application.

Tags: vision, optical

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