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Erowa designs and builds workpiece and pallet holding systems to
help automate your production. Erowa systems can easily connect
throughPLC to your current machining equipment for very little
investment. Erowa Automation systems have been designed modularly
to work in different situations and environments.


Erowa’s automation solutions allow you to run your machines 24
hours a day, days a week. With their automation software you can
even be contacted by text message or phone alert when there is a
problem. The Erowa EMC software is so advanced it can help
predict problems before they happen, such as not having enough
tools or workpieces available for a job.

Swiss Instruments can help recommend a complete automation
solution to get more productivity from your existing or new
machinery. Our experts can seamlessly integrate Erowa solutions
into your workplace and recommend pre-configured systems when
looking for new machines such as the Hermle machining centers.

Learn more about the Erowa Robot System

Learn about theErowa MTS and MTS+ modular
palletizing system

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