CoreX2 Laser Micrometer

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The CoreX2 has a Field of View of 3.40’ x 2.80’
allowing users to measure parts up to 3 3/8’ in length and
up to 2 ¾’ in diameter to an accuracy of +/-
0.0002’. Working with a shadow (profile view) of the part,
measurements are taken at a rate of 6 times per second. Just as
fast as a user can place a part into the OASIS, every measurement
on the part is instantly compared to dimensional tolerances and
reports pass, warn or fail. Using OASIS-Link capabilities in the
OASIS software, parts of up to 6 ½’ in length can be
measured and reported.

“The exciting thing about the CoreX2 is that it provides
the same speed and ease-of-use that our other machines offer and
nearly doubles the Field of View so that manufacturers of larger
parts can now use OASIS in their shops’, said Jeff Palmer
of George Products. “Customers asked for a larger machine
and now we’re pleased to be able to offer it. Bigger truly
is better.’

Like other OASIS Inspection Systems, The CoreX2 uses
sophisticated edge detection and geometric recognition algorithms
to automatically measure in real-time on the shop floor, making
it faster, and more accurate than conventional methods. No matter
how many dimensions are on the part, this machine inspects them
all in a fraction of a second.


  • Larger Field Of View (FOV)
  • Accurate to +/– .0002 inches
  • Continuous Image Acquisition
  • Simultaneous Measurement of Multiple Dimensions
  • Automatic Inspection Reporting
  • User Friendly Full-Feature Software

Larger FOV:

The CoreX2 is over 185% larger than what until now was our
largest Field of View.

Accurate to +/- .0002 inches

A Color-coded display panel shows the actual measured dimension
and the user-defined upper and lower limits (tolerances).
Pass/Fail indications are easily identifiable for all
measurements using Green (Pass), Yellow (Warning) and Red (Fail).

Continuous Image Acquisition:

The CoreX2 captures images at a rate of 6 times per second
utilizing an LED light source to collimate precise rays through a
series of light diffusers and lenses that shine across a part to
be inspected.

Simultaneous Measurement of Multiple Dimensions:

By casting a shadow of a part to be inspected and capturing that
image in a digital format, the powerful software behind the
scenes converts the captured image into real dimensional data.
The image is captured in real time so regardless of the number of
dimensions every time a part is placed in the Inspection Zone,
each and every measurement is simultaneously and instantly

Automatic Inspection Reporting:

Measurements taken by the CoreX2 are recorded as parts are
inspected. Those dimesnions are imported into an Inspection
Report which will create a custom report that can be printed or
saved for future retrieval. The report can be created for the
dimensions of a single inspected part or for a group of parts in
an entire inspection run.

User Friendly Full-Feature Software:

Detailed part programs can be created in minutes using Vertical
and Horizontal Edge, Circle and Angle Tools. Also in CoreX2
software Tapers, Gage Line and Offset Diameters can be also


Execute two or more part programs in automatic sequence and have
the data reported and saved in a common file.

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