Class X Plug Gages

Product Details

Sizes up to 1 inch

Use as masters to callibrate measuring equipment or to gage parts
directly. Either way, these Class X (+.00004 inch, -.0000 inch)
plug gages are accurate, cost effective measurement standards
perfect for both the shop floor and Metrology lbaoratory.
Included with Certificate of Accuracy. Available with Certificate
of Calibration traceable to NIST.

* Class X

* Go (Plus) or No-Go (Minus) tolerance
.00004″ up to .8251″
.00006″, .8251″ to 1.0000″

* NIST traceable

* Sizes available every .0001 inch up to 1.0000

* Tool Steel; 60/62 Rc (Cold Stabilized)

* 2 inches long

* 2 microinch finish or better

* within .00002 inch round

* Certificate of Accuracy included
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