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Economical General Purpose Pin Gages

Make quick and accurate measurements with Vermont Gage pin gages.
Measure hole sizes. Calculate distances between holes. Gage slot
widths. Check locations. Use for Go/No-Go gaging. Size in
micrometers and snap gages. These economical gages are a must for
anyone making frequent and varied measurement.

* Class ZZ (.0002″ or .005mm tolerance)

* Go (Plus) or NoGo (Minus)

* NIST traceable

* .0005″ or .02mm sizes

* .001″ or .02mm set increments

* Tool steel; 60/62 Rc

* 2″ long

* 10 microinch finish or better

* within.0001″ round

* marked with size & direction of tolerance on gages over

* Certificate of Accuracy included
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