Class ZZ Pin Gages

Product Details

Keep old sets in compliance!

These economical gages give you added wear life, unlike closer
tolerance gages. These replacement pins are perfect for updating
your old sets and bringing them back into compliance. Each pin is
marked with its size and direction of tolerance, individually
packaged with a rust preventative and sealed in a “VCI” bag. Each
pin is NIST traceable and includes a certificate of accuracy
printed on the back of the package.


* Steel or Black Guard

* Class ZZ (.0002 inch or .005 mm tolerance)

* Go (Plus) or NoGo (Minus)

* NIST traceable

* .0005 inch or .02 mm sizes

* .001 inch or .02 mm set increments

* Tool steel; 60/62 Rc

* 2 inches long

* 10 microinch finish or better

* within .0001 inch round

* marked with size and direction of tolerance on gages
over .060 inch

* Certificate of Accuracy included
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