Cutting Tools (Tough Materials)

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Alesa is a Swiss company with some incredible ideas and
technology especially suited for machining and working with
difficult materials. If you’re working with high tensile
stainless steels such as duplex, or super duplex, or nickel and
cobalt based alloys or other difficult materials such as Inconel,
titanium or other aircraft grade materials you need to take a
close look at Alesa cutting tools.


Milling Tools

  • Indexable TWIST
  • ISOstandard

Turning Tools

Cutting/Sawing Tools

  • Standard Sawing blades
  • Nutex Special holder and blade, no protrusion


Alesa takes a close look at the cutting edge and angle of a tool.
With their ground edge technology the cutting surfaces on their
tools are able to slice through different types of materials with
reduced heat and effort.

Alesa Cutting Tools (Tough Materials)

In the above picture a standard carbide insert is compared
to an Alesa Ground Edge Steel insert. The Alesa ground
insert cutting edge slices through the material easily with
its sharp edge creating a cleaner chip with less pressure
on the material and insert. This also reduces the amount of
heat generated and energy wasted. The standard carbide
cutting edge shears the material making it difficult to
work with tough materials as well as requiring more torque
and stability from the machine used. Also notice below the
cutting edge the standard insert compresses the material
making cutting a second pass more difficult as well.

Alesa cutting tools work with a wide variety of materials because
of the geometry and cutting edge. Not only will you save time by
reducing the time it takes to machine a piece, you won’t need to
change cutting tools when changing your working material.

Alesa cutting tools not only remove more material per pass, they
also help with chip management by having smaller cooler chips.
Alesa cutting tools will reduce your machining time while getting
more material removal out of each tool saving you time and money.

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