NUTEX Saw blade system

By utilizing a bow tooth design, Alesa Saw blades are able to
achieve maximum performance and longer chips which remove heat
from the cutting surface. Alesa designed saw blades allow for
higher performance in a wider variety of materials including
difficult to cut allows, longer tool life, quieter and smoother
cutting, as well as a higher level of surface finish after
cutting which reduces total work time as well.


The Alesa Nutex and Nutex Plus system are perfect for cutting
exotic alloys and typically difficult to cut materials. The
Bow-Tooth design creates a stronger cutting blade which allows
for higher loads and feed rates. Chips are also removed more
efficiently allowing for smoother and cooler cutting.

The Nutex system is perfect for milling in tight areas because
our special tool holder and blade system means there are no
protruding parts from the saw blade allowing for a close cut to
the work piece.


The extra spacing in the bow tooth design of Alesa saw blades
allows larger chips to be removed meaning you can make deeper and
faster cuts.

Alesa saw blades also run cooler thanks to the design of the
tooth, but for faster cutting or deep grooves coolant can be
applied from both sides with the Nutex Plus system as well.

The Nutex holder also helps to provide both radial and axial
strength to the entire cutting system. It also allows for simple
and precise changes of saw blades.

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