4-Port GageMux USB

Product Details

Starrett 4-port gage multiplexers make it fast
and easy to connect multiple gages to a PC. Interface is through
USB and USB keyboard outputs, as well RS232 ports.

With the 7612 GageMux, no software wedge or other intermediary
software is required. The PC “sees’ the connection
from the 7612 as a keyboard. Simply, open any document on your
computer that accepts input, position your cursor, then send the
data from the tool. That data will be input at the cursor

The 7613 GageMux USB 4-port gage is similar to the 7612 except
that it does not have the eyboard function. It requires the
Starrett 719 software Wedge or a similar product to input data
into the PC.

From manufacturing methods and materials to a built-in,
power-saving mode, the GageMux was designed to be an
environmentally friendly product.

Features and Specifications

  • 4 input ports
  • Simple set-up, your PC automatically installs USB driver when
    GageMux is plugged into PC’s USB port – does not
    require software configuration
  • Supports USB 2.0, RS232 and keyboard output
  • Operating modes: Static (Normal) mode operation or Dynamic
    (MIN / MAX / TIR)
  • Footswitch input, LED status light on each input, host
    command operation and set up

Starrett 719 Software Wedge™
(for 7613 only)

Starrett 4-Port GageMux USBThis configurable serial I/O
software allows real-time data input from Starrett gages through
the 7613 GageMux directly into spreadsheets and databases.

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