Chamfer Gauge

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The internal taper gauge measures the largest diameter of
a conical bore or a conical keyway. An IKT replaces previous
slower and more expensive gauging methods.

  • Measuring surface and hardened steel taper
  • Scale graduation of indicators: 0.01 mm
  • Calibration at factory or via setting master
  • Special designs on request

Internal taper gauge (IKT)

  • Direct gauging of major diameter of internal tapers or
    tapered slots
  • Models with 60°, 90° and 127° taper
  • Application range: Ø 0.5 mm to 120 mm
  • Measuring range: 11.5 mm for 60° taper/19.5 mm for
    90° and 127° taper

The low-cost Alternative: The
Internal Taper Gauge IKT-OS

The term OS is an abbreviation which means “without stop
bar’. By the omission of the bar, the alternative internal
taper gauge can be manufactured at a lower cost which in turn
renders a favourable sales price.

The IKT-OS is implemented to measure the largest diameter of
internal tapers or tapered grooves. In contrast to its brother
product, the IKT-OS requires a contact surface and cannot be used
with thin-walled work pieces.

Available in the following models:

  • IKT90-1-OS Measuring range 0,5-20
  • IKT90-2-OS Measuring range 20-40
  • IKT60-1-OS Measuring range 0,5-12
  • IKT60-2-OS Measuring range 10-21
  • IKT127-1-OS Measuring range 0,5-20

Standard setting masters can be utilised, as well as the
corresponding dial indicator or digital dial indicator

Available on request.

External taper gauge (AKT)

  • Direct gauging of minor diameter of external taper
  • Models with 60°, 90° and 127° plungers
  • Application range: Ø 5 mm to 120 mm
  • Measuring range: 11 mm for 60° plunger/19.5 mm for
    90° and 127° plunger (except for size 1)

Chamfer gauge (KT/KT-B)

  • Direct gauging of 45° chamfers on rectangular and
    cylindrical pieces, even bores or slots
  • Measuring range: chamfers up to 7 mm (radii 1 mm up to 9.5 mm
    via conversion)
  • Chamfers in bores from approx. Ø 28 mm

Dial indicators for chamfer

The chamfer gauges require specially adjusted analogue dial
indicators which are adapted to the respective angle.

The freely programmable digital dial gauge MUM1086W allows to set
any special angle for IKT devices apart from the standard angles.
All measuring results can be transferred and recorded via digital
data transfer.

Data can be transferred via cable (USB and RS232 to PC; or with
digimatic) or by DIATEST real radio transmission. Here measured
values can be transmitted outdoors up to 200 m, inside buildings
the maximum range is 20 m. The data security is very high.
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