Electronic Indicators (B&S)

Product Details

Easy-to-use, versatile

With over 50 years experience supplying precision dial gages, we
offer a wide variety of models.

  • Electronic indicators featuring a combined analog/digital
    indication and the most up-to-date technology.
  • Mechanical dial gages with high-precision movement, smooth
    pointer revolution and double-action shockproof mechanisms, as
    well as measuring spans up to 4.0″ / 100 mm.


Which Style Do You Need?

  • Digital indication provides error-free readout of the
    measured values as the fractions of the scale divisions need not
    be estimated visually.
  • Analog indication is best suited for dynamic measurements,
    e.g. when determining axial and radial runout errors. Analog
    displays provide a clear, visual representation of the variations
    on a part being measured.
  • Electronic indicators, precision dial gages and dial test
    indicators have the capability to measure with the lowest
    possible hysteresis. Therefore, they are ideally suited for
    runout inspection where this capability is required.
  • In order to significantly reduce the effects of the
    systematic errors, we recommend carrying out a number of
    comparative measurements since only the actual size of each
    related nominal length will be read out. The measuring
    instruments that are best suited for this purpose are electronic
    indicators, dial gages with limited range of indication and
    precision indicators.
  • Dial test indicators (lever-type) are specially designed
    checking malleable parts due to low measuring
    inspecting hard-to-reach measuring points with awkward

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