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With the new step taken by TESA with the introduction of their
TESA-SCAN product family for non-contact measurement, the need
for developing TESA-VISIO like systems as a further contribution
to quality control appears as the next logical step to the
company. So to complement, extend and enhance this product line,
TESA have engineered a new line of high precision machines,
including the innovative TESA-VISIO 300 available today in three
different models. Each model comes equipped with a 300 x 200 mm
coordinate stage.

1 Manual video machine provided with TESA-VISTA the
software tool for the most varied applications. Made simple to
use, this software is within the reach of any end-user.

2 Manual video machine delivered with PCDmis the
enterprise-wide metrology software. Using the Vision capability
of this software, the machine provides users with a powerful tool
for non-contact measurement in two and three coordinate

3 Automatic CNC controlled video machine (DCC) equipped with DC
servomotors. Running the PCDmis Vision software, this machine is
one the most cost-effective currently available on the market.
Since users are not limited to a single choice when deciding upon
the software to use, this results in a number of benefits our
customers do very much appreciate.

Manual machine versions
These two versions have a coordinate stage fitted with a quick
release system in both axes X and Y. This system enables fast
displacements for locating the geometric feature to be measured.
Releasable wheel drives are used for quick motion in the Z-axis
as well as fine setting of the focal length.

DCC machine version
On this version again, the coordinate stage along with the
vertical axis are displaced by means of DC servomotors. Their
speed is tightly controlled through the rotative encoders,
especially when the joystick is used or high precision images are
processed in the X-direction. This for example. A plain axis with
linear drive allows the stage to be displaced mechanically. This
system also acts as coupling clutch in case of collision.
Vertical displacement is ensured by rack and pinion.



Each variant comes with a high-resolution colour camera. The
manual base version with TESA-VISTA has a motorised zoom, without
coaxial light. Another version with a telecentric objective
(magnification 2x) is planned for specific metrology
applications. Both PCDmis models, whether manual or in DCC
version, also include a motorised zoom (magnifications 0,7x to
4,5x). A calibration routine is provided with the software for
the zoom. This routine makes dimensional inspection possible
throughout the full range with no effect on accuracy for the
measurements taken within the viewing area. Being an integral
part of all our machines, the laser pointer helps users locating
the area they want to check.

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