Surface Roughness Testing

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TESA Rugosurf 10G read more

The very latest portable surface roughness gauge from TESA. Being
compact and versatile, this gauge can equally be used for
incoming or surface finish inspection on the shop floor or in the
measurement laboratory. Among other benefits, the tool will
measure roughness parameters to ISO 4287:1997, DIN/ISO 2085:1998,
MOTIF or CNOMO standards.


TESA Rugosurf 10G read more

• Robust construction
• TFT colour display 2’ for enhanced viewing of the
roughness parameters or part profiles shown graphically
• Versatile, easy-to-use roughness gauge
• Possible tolerancing of the measured parameters
• Comprehensive range of accessories suited for all
measurement tasks
• Interchangeable inductive probes
• 90° probe rotation
• RS 232 digital output to printer or PC running RUGOSOFT
(optional for both )
• Wide memory capacity for all measured parameters
• Power supply through rechargeable battery
• Multilingual, menu-driven (English, French, German,
Italian, Spanish, Portuguese)
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