Grindline Laser Micrometer

Product Details

The Grindline series is designed especially for single and multiple diameter measurements on through-feed and plunge type centerless grinders. Parts up to 80mm in diameter can be measured. Part cleaning and transportation belts are provided. A repeatability of 0.1μm (0.000004’) is achievable with the Grindline series.

The main functions of the system are as follows:

  • through-feed measurement and display of the ground diameter
  • tolerance checking and output alarms for part sorting
  • real-time grinder regulation
  • processing and printing of statistical reports
  • interface with remote computer
  • NO-VAR technology: no measuring drift due to changing room temperature

How does it work?

The Grindline.X System is based on a Xactum Laser Gauge installed at the output of the grinder, which measures the finished diameter of the part after the machining process. The ground parts, after cleaning by blowing away the water and oil emulsion, are made to pass through the laser beam, to carry out hundreds of measurements distributed along the axis of the piece. The signals coming from the gauge are processed by the software: thanks to advanced processing and filtering techniques, the Grindline software only extracts those measurements carried out on ground lengths, thus ignoring shape irregularities that might otherwise compromise the result. Chamfers, grooves, threads and even through holes or drops of emulsion on the work piece are not able to deceive the system.

The measured diameter is displayed and compared with the pre-set nominal value: if the process drifts beyond the pre-set control limits, the Grindline software automatically adjusts the grinder, recovering the wheel wearing so as to keep the product always within the desired tolerance limits.

Should the grinder control be impossible or ineffective, it’s still possible to reject any out of tolerance part, as the system provides suitable output signals to drive sorting or/and rejecting devices.

The results of measurements are stored and processed in real time: by connecting a standard printer to the CE-100 panel, it is possible to get effective statistical reports related to each operator-selected batch. Through an Ethernet or RS232 serial line, a remote computer can be used to download the measured data or to programme the system.

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