Laser Micrometer Wireline Series

Product Details

The Wireline series includes two on-line diameter and ovality
measurement laser micrometers. This series is especially well
suited for steel wires (tires) and copper wire for electrical
cables. Both micrometers are in a dual axis configuration. Wires
as small as 0.1mm (0.004’) and as large as 32mm
(1.26’) can be measured with the Wireline series. The
Wireline series offers a repeatability of ± 0.15μm
(0.000006’) at ± 3 sigma. In addition to the basic
functions of diameter gauging, the Wireline software is designed
to monitor drawn wire. It includes weight and length
measurements, statistics, and networking. Since the software is
modular, advanced software functions can be disabled for maximum
simplicity of use by an operator.

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