Laser Micrometer Quadraline Series

Product Details

The Quadraline series is designed to control the two dimensions
of extruded or rolled products featuring rectangular-like cross
section profiles. Metal straps, plastic profiles and ribbon
cables are examples of the products which can be measured with
the Quadraline series. Two different models are available in the
Quadraline series, the Quadraline 13xy and Quadraline 35xy. The
measurement ranges are 13 x 13 and 35 x 35mm. Repeatability for
the 13mm micrometer is ± 0.2μm (0.000008’).

The Quadraline software enables the measurement of the two
dimensions of rectangular shaped extrusions and automatic process
regulation. The “quad’ laser micrometer utilizes the
vibration of the part to compute the required two minimum
measurements.The process regulation module can be used to
regulate the individual axis by enabling speed control or
maintaining the distance between rolling rolls. Likewise the
statistics module performs the necessary standard industry

All of the necessary process control, regulation, and statistical
features are included in the standard or optional software
modules available with both the Extruline and Quadraline series.

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