Barline Laser Micrometer

Product Details

The Barline.X Laser System has been specially designed for on-line gauging of the outside diameter of products manufactured in cut lengths; such as steel ground bars, steel drawn tubes, copper tubing, etc. Both single and dual axis micrometers are available. Diameters up to 300mm can be measured on-line. A repeatability of ± 0.1μm (0.000004’) is achievable with the Barline series.


The main functions of the system are as follows:

  • through-feed measurement and display of the external diameter
  • tolerance checking and output alarms for part sorting
  • real-time grinder regulation
  • processing and printing of statistical reports
  • interface with remote computer


How does it work?

The Barline.X System is based on an Xactum Laser Gauge, installed at the output of the grinder or drawing bench, which measures very accurately the outside diameter of the product passing through the laser beam. The non-contact operating principle enables through-feed inspection, without having to stop or slow down the product, as its vibration and movement do not affect the gauging accuracy.

The measured average diameter is continuously compared with the nominal value pre-set by the operator: if the product size is going out of the pre-set limits,

the Barline.X software

automatically adjusts the grinder, recovering the wheel wearing so as to keep the product

always within the desired tolerance limits. After skipping the head and the tail, all the readings taken along the bar are stored in memory and compared to the pre-programmed tolerance limits: in case of any non conformity occurrence, suitable signals are activated at the end of the bar to drive sorting or/and rejecting devices.

By connecting a printer to the CE-100 panel, it is possible to get a print-out listing the max, min and average values measured on each part; in addition this data can be recorded and processed to print a final statistical report related to each selected bundle of bars. Through an Ethernet or RS232 serial line, a remote computer can be used to download the measured data or to programme the system.


  • No customer reject or later complaints, as the continuous on-line inspection allows detection and sorting any out-of- tolerance parts.
  • Reduction of scrap and material savings: the real-time process control keeps the product within the tolerance range.
  • Labour savings: the operator’s task is made lighter by the unsupervised grinder regulation.
  • Quality certification made easier: the 100% inspection makes random sample checks redundant and allows the printing of detailed reports to prove Product Quality and Process Capability

System configuration

The Barline.X system uses single-axis Xactum Laser Gauge.

The Basic system is composed of:

XLS40, XLS80 or XLS150 , Xactum Laser Gauge;
CE-100, Operator’s Interface Panel, 19’ Rack mount version;
Barline.X software (basic module) pre-installed in the Gauge;
5 m long connecting cable

Some options and accessories available to complete the system are:

Additional software for for grinder feed-back
Additional software for statistical reporting
Compressed air windows with filters and adjusting valve
Air blowing rings for bar cleaning
Telescopic stand for the laser gauge
Extension cables
Gauge Calibration Report

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