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Arlink 8000 series easy order systems are preconfigured systems
availabed in the Lista Xpress program. These highly popular
systems are completely modular, expandable and can be further
customized. The products in the Lista Xpress program are
configured with the most popular configurations. The Arlink 8000
starter and expander units have been carefully selected by Lista
to provide durability and value to build up Arlink 8000
workstations in any configuration you need.


Arlink 8000 workstations can assemble and reconfigure faster than
other workstations, saving time and money.

Maximum Return on Investment
Arlink 8000
workstations’ unique column design provides a sturdy, flexible
backbone for your evolving needs. Thanks to the system’s
versatility and durability, this exceptional series of
workstations pays for itself quickly, while providing continuous
value for years to come.

Ease of Assembly
The Arlink 8000 workstation offers
the industry’s fastest and simplest set-up and reconfiguration.
Virtually no hardware or tools are required, making changes free
of mistakes and frustration. For components above, below, and
including the worksurface, the Definite Positioning
System´, with the ability to exactly position components,
makes relocating or adjusting worksurfaces, storage, shelving,
lights, power beams, footrests, etc. fast, easy, and safe. Its
virtually tool-free assembly process allows the user to make
unlimited changes to the workstation with minimal effort or cost.

Arlink 8000 Workstations In X ConfigurationVariety of Configurations
The Arlink 8000
system uses both sides of the supporting columns in combination
with corner worksurfaces to form L, C, T, U, Y and X
arrangements. Workstations can be arranged back-to-back for even
greater flexibility.

Low-Cost Conversion
With its interchangeable modular
parts, the Arlink 8000 can be custom configured to suit a range
of applications at a lower cost than competitive

With an emphasis on ergonomics throughout
its design, the Arlink 8000 improves comfort, eliminates wasted
motion, and minimizes fatigue and strain.

Range of Sizes
With our Starter and Adder system,
workstations can easily link to create infinite layout options.
Arlink 8000 workstations are available in 5 section widths and in
3 heights up to 84″. Section widths can be mixed and matched to
suit your needs. The Arlink 8000 is also available on casters to
create mobile workstations.

A Host of Options
Choose from 6 standard worksurface
materials and a variety of interchangeable trim colors. A
complete ESD package is available for static sensitive


VSI System

The Vertical Space
Integrator system allows use of the full range of Arlink 8000
system accessories on all Lista workbenches, including Arlink 7000
workbenches, as well as retrofitting to other manufacturers’
existing workbenches or tables, enhancing ergonomics and increasing
task efficiencies.

Wide Range of Accessory Options

Arlink 8000 Workstation AccessoriesUsers are able to choose
from an exceptionally wide range of accessories, including:

  • shelves (steel and wire)
  • overhead task lighting
  • overhead cabinets
  • parts bin rails
  • panels
  • power, data and air beams
  • tool holders
  • monitor arms (CRT and flat panel)
  • document holders
  • many more

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