Control Stations

Product Details

The Lista Control Station is a unique combination of a workbench,
bookshelf and cabinet that creates a private, lockable workspace
with organized storage and ready access to manuals and tools.
This uniquely durable and flexible solution protects expensive
computer equipment, instruments and gauges from dust and dirt.
The Control Station’s pegboard and shelves let you keep
books and tools close at hand, and its storage cabinets can be
outfitted with modular drawers in a variety of sizes.


  • Suitable for a wide array of manufacturing floor
    quality station, foreman’s workstation,
    gauging station, line supervisor’s station, shipping dock
  • Work area with pegboard backing and one or two
    maximizes use of available space above
    the work surface
  • Slide-down tambour door locks at the desktop or at the
    base of the Control Station:
    protects total contents
    of station
  • Modular drawers: can be configured for
    compartmentalized storage of tools and parts, or to hold
    hanging files
  • Openings in pegboard: allow access to
    electrical power supply
  • Built-in fluorescent light: illuminates
    workspace for maximum visibility
  • Available in two heights: 91-1/2″ or 99-3/8″
  • Ergonomically convenient work surface height:
  • Small footprint: 60-1/4″ wide x 29-3/4″

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