Flexworks Workbenches

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1) Modular design
can easily be adapted or expanded to meet changing
2) A wide variety of
3) Can be
retrofitted to any existing Lista workbench or other
manufacturer’s workbench
designed to provide easy accessibility without stress or
5) All components are
available with ESD paint for static sensitive
6) Lista also
offers a line of workbench seating


This highly
functional and flexible above-the-worksurface accessory system
cost-effectively meets the needs of a broad variety of


Nexus Shelves

  • Adjustable shelves: position at a 0Ëš or
    15Ëš angle and holds up to 100 lbs. Shelves are reversible,
    with the lip either at the front, or at the rear to act as a
  • Variable angle shelves: adjust from 0Ëš to
    25Ëš angle and holds up to 150 lbs. Can be mounted forward
    or set-back between the uprights for maximum flexibility
  • Wire shelves: chrome-plated open wire
    position at a 0Ëš or 15Ëš angle and holds up to 100 lbs

Nexus Overhead Light

  • Overhead light fixtures: are available in
    2-bulb or 4-bulb models in either 44″ or 56″ in length, and
    tilt up or down 10Ëš
  • Parabolic diffusers: optional chrome-plated
    parabolic grid directs light onto worksurface
    while eliminating glare on adjacent worksurfaces

Tool rails and power accessNexus Horizontal Power Rail

  • Tool rails: span the length of the worksurface
    and come
    with a trolley, 2 hangers, 2 endstops and 2 endcaps
  • Swing arm tool rail: 36″ swing arm swings
    180Ëš, supports up to 30 lbs., and comes with a trolley, 1
    endstop and 1 endcap
  • Vertical power strips: come in 15 amp or 20
    amp and GFCI with lighted on/off switch, 6′ cord with grounded
    plug and circuit breaker
  • Horizontal power rails: this self-contained,
    6-plug outlet strip (in 15 amp or 20 amp and GFCI) pivots on
    axis providing full horizontal adjustment


Plastic box rails
& Backstops

Nexus Plastic Box Rail

  • Plastic box rails: holds Lista or other boxes,
    it can be mounted at 0Ëš or 15Ëš angle, and easily
    adjusts for ergonomic access
  • Plastic boxes: made of high-impact polystyrene
    (HIPS) red plastic, these boxes are for storing small items
  • Backstops: prevent items from rolling off
    worksurface and are 3″ high


Articulating arm
& accessories

Nexus Bin Container

  • Monitor shelf with keyboard holder: holds
    computer monitor and includes a retractable wire keyboard
  • Optional mouse tray: attaches to monitor shelf
    to hold computer mouse and/or mousepad
  • Flat-panel monitor arm: allows attachment of
    flat panel monitor to Nexus upright
  • Flat-panel monitor bracket: allows mounting of
    third party flat panel monitor arms to the Nexus upright
  • Equipment shelf: holds a variety of
    customer-supplied equipment or tools
  • Accessory shelf: allows easy access to small
    tools, instruments, parts and more
  • Document holder: displays papers, plans, etc.,
    for easy reading and includes lip for pencils, pens etc.;
    available in two widths
  • Bin container: holds three rows of plastic
    bins for easy access to parts and components


Back panel &

Nexus Louvered Panel

  • Louvered back panels: designed to accommodate
    industry-standard plastic boxes that feature louvered edge or
  • Pegboard panels: steel pegboard panel accepts
    all standard pegs and is ideal for placement of commonly-used
  • Solid privacy panels: enclose a section for
    privacy and can be used to hold/display items with magnets
  • Reversible markerboard/tackboard: a two-sided
    reversible board that features white magnetic markerboard on
    one side and a gray fabric tackboard on the other



Nexus Overhead Cabinet

  • Available in two heights, with choice of five door
    styles or open style with no door:
    allows lockable
    storage of larger, bulky items above work area

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