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Advanced Storage Technologies offers a line of advanced computer
cabinets, which are available in desktop, full height and
pedestal models. Designed to provide maximum protection from
dust, metal shards and other debris, Lista’s computer cabinets
are ideal for PC’s, terminals and peripheral equipment located on
the manufacturing floor, auto service areas, aircraft hangers and
any environment where particles and contamination can harm
sensitive components.

Lista’s desktop computer cabinets are available either with
ergonomic keyboard drawer or for a monitor only. Both
configurations feature a hinged door with Plexiglas window to
provide visibility and protect the computer while it is being
used. They can be positioned on top of a workbench or cabinet for
networked applications where no CPU or printer needs to be
housed. Lista’s desktop model also includes back access panel,
cord channel/outlet strip and fan.

Full height and pedestal computer cabinets provide secure storage
for computer peripherals and are equipped with a pull-out
keyboard drawer which can accommodate ergonomic keyboards.
Lista’s full height model includes a monitor door with a clear
Plexiglas window, available in either hinged or retractable
models, with an opening for up to 20″ monitors, to provide
visibility and to protect the computer while it is being used.
The pedestal model features double-hinged doors, cord
channel/outlet strip, upper fan and back access panel.

The lower compartments for both full height and pedestal cabinet
models can be configured with drawers, shelves and roll-out
trays. The cabinet’s lower section provides secure storage for
the CPU and printer, which are protected by Lista’s sturdy,
lockable hinged doors. The cabinet features a roll-out printer
tray, surge suppressor, and a flush bottom shelf. A computer
grade 15A, 110V surge suppressor with 6 outlets and resettable
circuit breaker provides a one-source power connector for the
unit. The air intake fan with guard and filter create a positive
pressure within the cabinet to eliminate dust and possible damage
to the electrical components. Also, the cabinet is equipped with
a rear access panel. For greater flexibility, the cabinet is
available with mobile, frame, fork truck or pallet bases.


  • Improved air intake fan with guard and finer
    filter (replaceable from the outside) creates positive
    pressure, eliminates dust and possible damage to electrical
  • Opening for most monitors up to 20″
  • Pull-out keyboard drawer that can accommodate
    ergonomic keyboards
  • Monitor door with clear, Plexiglas window for
    visibility and protection
  • Lower sections provide secure storage for CPU and
    printer center shelf rolls out for ease of access to
  • Surge suppressor protects equipment and hardware
    using advanced circuitry, eliminates dangers caused by surges,
    spikes and EMI/RFI noise
  • Rear access panel for ease of connection and
    routing of cables is theft proof, only 6-1/2″ wide
  • Retractable door option for touch screens
  • Locks for monitor door and lower door are keyed
  • Also available in desktop and pedestal models

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