BlueSYSTEM Bundles

For your application our instruments and our software provide a straightforward and efficient solution.

Bluesystem Bundles are preconfigured sets consisting of measuring instruments from the BlueSYSTEM serie, including adapter and software options to meet most of standard applications. Thanks to the clear structure of the bundles it is easy to choose the optimal measuring instruments and options for the own application.

The BlueSYSTEM Bundle …

The best suited bundle for your application!

You are not sure, which WYLER instrument is best suited for your application?

We help you!

The key features of our BlueLEVEL product line are:

  • Compact, functionally and pleasant design; optimized for pre-cision
  • Radio data transmission based on the internationally approved
  • Large and easy-to-read display.
  • Each BlueLEVEL has a built in infrared receiver, at which a measurement
    can be initiated
  • Sensitivity: 0.001 mm/m
  • Wide measuring range of ±20 mm/m
  • Linearity according to DIN 2276, part 2
  • Powered by standard 1.5 V batteries, size C
  • In compliance with CE regulations

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