• Standard version with two prismatic measuring bases, without magnetic inserts, according to Standards DIN877 + DIN2276/1
  • Main scale: Graduation 1 x 90 degrees / 1 division = 1 degree
  • Vernier for fine adjustment 1 division = 10 arcmin
  • The main vial has a sensitivity of 0.30 mm/m, equivalent to 1 arcmin
  • Transversal vial with a sensitivity of 2-5 mm/m for easier handling of the level when measuring on horizontal shafts or in the vertical
  • The prismatic bases are suitable for shaft diameters Ø 19 … Ø 108 mm
  • Packed in a wooden storage case


  • The INCLINATION SPIRIT LEVEL 57 is suitable for precise measurements on flat surfaces and shafts up to 90 degrees
  • Due to the easy fine adjusting system at any angle up to 90 degrees the main vial can easily be adjusted and – using the vernier – the inclination angle can be read precisely to 1/6 degrees (10 arcmin). The main vial has a sensitivity of 0.30 mm/m (= 1 arcmin) thus enabling precise measurements with a high reliability
  • The Inclination Spirit Level 57 can also be used for standard measurements and adjustments in the same manner as any standard spirit level


  • Length 150 mm
  • Height 150 mm
  • Width 40 mm


  • Net weight (without case) 1.400 kg
  • Gross weight 1.850 kg

Sensitivity of the vial: see table

Twist stability according to WYLER standard:

  • Rollover stability ±2 degrees

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