TC Transceiver/Converter

The transceiver/converter (TC) is a bus component for demanding solutions with ZEROTRONIC sensors:

  • Allows baud rates up to 57’600 baud
  • Conditions excitation 5V DC for ZEROTRONIC sensors from unregulated input of 12 to 48V DC
  • Conditions the RS485 signal and drives the RS485 bus for long distances data transport (1000 meter total length of bus cable).
  • Provides conversion from RS485 to RS232 for the connection to a COM port of a computer
  • Data ports feature galvanic isolation from each other
  • Regulates the data traffic in combination with the software DYNAM
  • Is the precondition for running the software DYNAM for dynamic measurements (for example Seatronic for differential measurements on components on a vessel)
  • Provides connecting sockets for a bus system connectable by plug and socket connections
  • Automatic baud rate detection 4,800…57,600 baud
  • Port 1 and Port 2 = RS485 bus-connection to and from the aligned TCs. Up to 32 sensors can be connected (feeding and transmission of the unregulated power supply (12…48 V DC))
  • Port 3 (PC RS232): RS232 interface to PC/laptop (If not occupied, Port 3 represents a possibility to feed an unregulated power supply (12…48 V DC)
  • Ports 3 / 4 / 5 are equipped with galvanic isolation of the bus line


To assure galvanic insulation of 5V DC to ZEROTRONIC sensor (ports A and B)a special cable must be   used (Screen not connected to ground and the connector housing on the TC side of the cable).


galvanic insulation
all 5 connectors are Binder Series 712 / 8 pol female

2 ZEROTRONIC sensors with LEVELMETER 2000 and TC
Distance LM2000 – TC <1000 m Distance TC – sensors <15m

ZEROTRONIC sensors connected to a PC/laptop on RS485-Bus through one or more   Transceiver/Converters (TC). Analysis of measuring results using DYNAM or LabEXCEL software. External power supply via Transceiver/Converter.


  • Total length of RS485 bus (connecting TC 1 up to TC n) < 1000 meter.
  • Length of RS485 bus between TC and ZEROTRONIC <15meter.
  • Number of ZEROTRONIC ≤32

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