• The CLINOMETER 80 is particularly suitable for precisely measuring   angular
deviation in any inclination on flat surfaces and shafts (with prismatic base
only). Measuring range ±180 degrees
• The CLINOMETER 80 allows in an easy way all sorts of inclination measurements
with a reading of 1 arcmin. A guess at approx. 0.5 arcmin is possible
for the experienced user
• For a rough setting, the micrometer drum can be disengaged by pressing
it with the thumb in direction of the arrow. A coarse setting is then made
by rotating the vial by hand. Reengage the drive and rotate the micrometer
drum to obtain the final setting
• Optional magnetic inserts in the measuring base assure an excellent
adhesion to shafts and surfaces in any position
• Length 150 mm
• Width 35 mm
• Height 116 mm
• Net weight (without case) 1.600 kg
• Gross weight 2.100 kg
Sensitivity of the vial: 0.30 mm/m
Twist stability according to WYLER standard:
• Rollover stability ±2 degrees
Calibration Certificate:
• The CLINOMETER 80 can be delivered with an internationally
recognized Calibration Certificate against a surcharge

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