Bluesystem Surface Plate Kit

The WYLER Surface Plate Kit is a full-featured and economical kit designed specifically for testing surface plate flatness quickly and accurately.

Surface Plate Kit Features:

• Includes 2 Wyler levels

•  Wyler Bluemeter Basic

•  Wyler Levelsoft software

•  Meter to level cables

•  USB computer cable


Wyler Infra-Red Zapper allows for remote measurement taking to avoid inaccuracies caused by vibration and other contact-induced abberations.

120 Volt Power Supply for convenient non-battery power.  

Levelsoft PRO Software is a well known, user-friendly measuring and calibration software for checking flatness geometry measurement (Measuring – and setting plates, geometry of machine tools etc.). It is available for use with the MINILEVEL NT, LEVELTRONIC NT, NivelSWISS and BlueSYSTEM series of WYLER instruments.  

By using Levelsoft PRO the instruments may be used in a number of combinations and configurations (e.g. differential measurement with two instruments), for measurement of straightness of lines, the measurement of guide ways with twist or the flatness of large and small surfaces.


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